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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

...there was a kind of regular news from the Hatch universe at this point.

But this year the quote of turbulences has beaten all previous Hatch years by a long way.
And I princess thought 2016 would have topped everything... Especially in private life you're often not able to choose the course.
The family situation had changed again negatively, I was lot of time out of town and then too often only able to handle the things with the highest priority.

Now the year is nearly over, most of the crap is completely disappeared !
And luckily, Hatch has survived the creator's crisis quite well, and continues to enjoy the special honor of having endless supporters in the shop, the museum, and the brand world !
With this confidence and support in the back, I gave my best in the last six weeks and the results are quite fine...

In the Stickermuseum new wonderful exhibits have been added, the rest of the sticker collection is now almost completely sorted and archived, the work on the best sticker website of all time is in full process and the prices in the actual shop could be reduced almost completely !
If that is not enough, you can always take a look at the New Entries and enjoy the sticky treasures who permanently appear there.

So if I look relieved and relaxed on the current situation and the planned and open things, in the Sticker cultural section we are on the way to a very delicious future !

Before I forgot, in the new website there will be a blog with short and juicy contributions from all relevant Sticker themes. Of course this will, if you still want to, improve our contact rate a lot : )

Pleasure is mine, stay great, endless sorry for the extreme time out and heavenly greetings, El Hatcho


Single Stickers

The widest range of classic and new single sticker relases in skateboarding & streetwear such as street art and many more.


Sticker Packs

From arty to limited to hard to get, sticker packages in many different kinds!



Here's the opportunity to get a unique piece of street art plus a few more surprises!

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