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Hatch Kingdom in Christmas mood and optimistic 2017 prospects

Everything's good and get better in the eternal world of stickers

Swinging and motivated hello from the icy Berlin,

In the last two weeks I was in a situation that maybe many of you know ?
Christmas and New Year's eve are coming near and everything that was happening in the whole year, runs once again through the brain...
In my year's retrospect, it was definitely a damn bumpy year and from the previous eight Hatch Kingdom years it was definitely the hardest !

There were many difficult professional decisions, cuts, experiences, disappointments, mistakes, challenges, changes and to complete the whole thing a bad familiary situation came.
But don't worry, I will definitely not overload you with details and start to complain as we are now heading for the festive, relaxed time and anger, problems and hustle and bustle slowly disappear or are already digested !

And not everything was just bad and exhausting !
Till today, all sticker shop customers, sticker museum visitors, sticker donators, brand contacts, printing company friends plus other supporters, family and friends are so hearty, motivating and great that they have made everything much easier and more bearable !
Through all these fantastico contacts, it was possible to organize exhibitions and participate in a great sticker online database project, to extend the sticker museum exhibition and enlarge the online sticker shop offer!
By the way I can proudly mention that due to new brand and distribution contacts, I was again able to reduce the sticker prices and significantly increase the quantity of stickers : )

I leave you now in peace again and say goodbye with the freshest news:
In the museum, a large number of new exhibits have been added and you can now buy more stickers and very relaxed there.
In early 2017 there will be a dream of a new Hatch Kingdom website.
The prices in the sticker shop have been reduced again.
There are numerous new pearls available in the sticker shop.
To round up everything you can find us on Facebook now at: Facebook.com/HatchKingdom

Saturday, December 17th is the last museum day in 2017 !
Tuesday, the 20th of December is the last order shipping day in 2017 !

So Darlings, would be great to look forward together with all of you, wish you fantastic Christmas times and jump as stylish as possible into the new year !
Endless Thanks for the good sides of the last year, hot greetings and see you again soon,
The reactivated Hatch Kingdom guy


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