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Sticker History

Where, how and when exactly this brilliant phenomenon 'sticker art' began is hard to say because it started from the beginning as subculture and till today it's unfortunately one of the art world not so respected expression form.

Nevertheless and might just because of my fascination with this medium a small try or theory as how the whole thing maybe started and developed. Stickers as an advertising medium as we know them are used since about the 50ies. But the jump into the creative champions league began probably mid to late 70s as the skateboard culture became increasingly popular and the first creative masters started to refine the decks with magnificent designs and additionally... Stickers with this ingenious designs!

One of the first great examples is 'Wes Humpston' for 'Dogtown Skateboards':

During this time the business developed rapidly and several companies also with creative heroes appeared. One heof t masters in the industry with unforgettable eternal classics is without any doubt...

The holy 'Jim Philipps' himself and for 'Santa Cruz':

No less important, Mr. 'V. Courtland Johnson' for 'Powell Peralta':

In the 80ies there was a giant leap in the scene, more delicious companies were founded with icons like 'Push Head' for 'Zorlac':

'Mark Gonzales' for 'Vision':

'Andy Howell' for 'New Deal':

'Mark McKee' for 'Blind' & 'World Industries':

'Ed Tempelton' for 'Toy Machine':

'Sean Cliver' for 'Blind' & 'Girl':

Fortunately, the energy of the companies and artists is unstopable and so you can claim gladly that all these giants are still active and new masters come! A good example is the mentioned 'Sean Cliver' who create some awesome designs for 'Supreme', a hula company of our time:

At last, I would note a brilliant new release in this league: 'Todd Bratrud' with 'Consolidated':

Through this heavenly development, many skaters and people in its environment has been feeded with fantastic input and positive influenced with the fact that sticker can be a perfect expressive medium.

As also in the 80ies, the graffiti culture started their march through the colorful planet unfortunately it was also the fact that a couple of can magicians sometime get in contact with the law. Through the extremely harsh punishments, it was close to take some relax time at home and not only fill up the Black Book in a creative way but also some adhesive paper. It can not run better.

There is time and muse because not any cop disturbs, the light is always burning and extensively, all the desired colors are available without lugging and badabing... Amazing masterpieces in miniature or massive sticky tags can be produced, are able to be plucked out of the pocket easily all over the city and multi-urban presence is guaranteed! Due to the tempting availability of mailing postal stickers in postal offices all over the world they became very quick to popular standard adhesive materials.

A particular variant of 'blank sticker' in the USA came up with the 'Hello my name is' stickers. These were originally used by industry for large exhibitions and conferences and are also easy and cheap to get in large quantities.

Here are a few examples of this movement: 'Hello my Name is'

Postal Stickers - U.S. Label228, German Post and others:

What could be a better mix than the influence of many creative talents by the skateboarding scene and the new phenomenon of 'make your own stickers and spread it outside!' Growing up with this dream combination, individuals such as 'Shepard Fairey' with 'Obey' started his project. He's probably one of the rockets for the final sticky cultural movement as we know it today. Also important to mention is that the professional printing of stickers has become so cheap that all the enthusiasts as Mr. Fairey end of the 80ies, have numerous technical possibilities and massive amounts of stickers are available to invade the streets and spots in every country, city, street, house, flat and on and on and on...

Details to Shepard's motives, drive and vision can be checked here: http://obeygiant.com/essays/sticker-art http://obeygiant.com/about

Here also a few impressions from him:

But not only the United States has a sticky icon ... Also we in Berlin have someone who certainly most of the people will mentioned when they think about sticker art in Germany: Tower!

Because of the fact that he runs no website, interviews are rarest and has never been in an exhibition i also want to respect this philosophy and only tell: There is no corner in Berlin where you will not discover a sticker of him! All hand made and in countless variations.

Here are two gems from him:

Finally, one more than important thing:

There are trillions of sticker artists that deserve to be mentioned here personally and to be presented. They all enjoy my greatest appreciation, respect and admiration and nothing is harder than not to portray all. But it should just be just a small part of this arty paradise! So please don't missunderstand it or see it as a individual hatch opinion.

You can find more creative input at the Museum Friends, the Gallery or in the Links. Or of course, always live and directly in the sticker palace.

Big big honor, tons of thanks and i remain respectfully with the thickest saludos,

Oli / Hatch

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