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The idea for the Sticker Mailorder was definitely not because of the lust to get rich. The idea was rather to take advantage of today's opportunities and make as easy as possible for all the sticker searcher and sticker collectors to get great designs! The whole thing even as cheap as possible and as a support to keep the sticker museum alife!

I am an sticker collector since 1983 and I pack every stylish thing that i can get in boxes or as in the last four years, I present it in the sticker museum.

Why does the Hatch Sticker Mailorder also exist?

  • In shops you never know when there are new stickers, what is available and what can I get from them.
  • In many stores you will only get the stickers box if you buy something.
  • No shop always has all brands from where you want to have stickers.
  • Nearly no one has the time to go through lots of shops to get all the different stickers that he wants to get.
  • E-Bay is often full of overpriced offerings and rather one-sided in the selection.
  • Here you can find countless brands from different parts, special features such as limited editions or packs and a lot of art in sticker form.
  • The selection is huge and new stickers arrived constantly.
  • You get, no matter how many stickers you order, always a few extra stickers to it!
  • You will never find here any fakes or self-made reprints and you always get the best possible price.

Only whit the order amount Hatch is a bit special. You can not order each Sticker in unlimited quantities because we but also the participating brands and artists want as many customers as possible should have the chance to get their favorite stickers. Therefore, a motif, pack or special can always be selected in limited quantities only per order.

We ask for your understanding of our philosophy! It can always be that you will just take benefit of it with your next order : )

Now enjoy a sticky shopping tour and if you still have questions, tips or criticism, you are always welcome to contact us!

Oli / Hatch


Single Stickers

The widest range of classic and new single sticker relases in skateboarding & streetwear such as street art and many more.


Sticker Packs

From arty to limited to hard to get, sticker packages in many different kinds!



Here's the opportunity to get a unique piece of street art plus a few more surprises!


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